Soul Searching | Dianna Lopez

by: Manfred Joa

She’s a Theatre & Performance major. Back then, most people knew her as the beautiful girl whose outfits were always on point. Little did anyone know that, by senior year, she would be on the road to stardom with the release of her first EP, “Soul Searching.”

Dianna is a 21 year old African American and Puerto Rican who describes herself as friendly, outgoing, caring, intelligent, ambitious, and inspirational. She has been an active member of the Purchase College community and can be found singing, dancing, modelling, and acting in shows. She is always keeping an eye out for auditions and was recently filmed in a concert scene for the Netflix Original, “The Get Down,” which is a show based in the 70’s about a group of boys trying to make it in the music world. She was also on set for a Vogue Magazine shoot! On September 4th, 2016, Dianna released the music video for her song “Tell Me Why (Brown Skin)” and dropped her EP two days later.

Soul Searching by Dianna Lopez

“Soul Searching” came to be with the help of Dave Langston, who is a rapper featured on the EP and also a Purchase College student. On top of feeling like she had a lot she needed to say, Dianna says that Dave was one who pushed her to write and record her own music. The inspiration behind her music came mostly from people in general. Dianna finds people inspiring because people can make such a big impact on your life, even if your interaction with someone was two seconds long. She believes in taking in moments like these and channeling them into something else, which for Dianna was her music. She named the EP “Soul Searching” because throughout her time at Purchase, she feels as if she finds herself more and more after every year.

Before she graduates in May of 2017, Dianna plans on having a college tour for her EP, including a 15-20 minute set with backup dancers.

Soul search with Dianna:

Soundcloud |
Facebook | @DiannaLopezSoul
Instagram | @_diannalopez

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