You’re a Gem | Hailstone Handcrafted

by: Julia A. Morales

Hailey Marino, 21, started her career at SUNY Purchase as a sociology and gender studies double major. In high school, her interest in the fine arts grew, along with her spiritual side, sparking an interest in healing crystals. In March of 2015, Hailey started crafting handmade jewelry using pieces she’d collected as part of a stone and crystal collecting hobby of hers. “I found an intersection between art and spirituality,” she says. Hailey became interested in crystals, and due to connection with her spiritual side, she decided to make a business out of it. 

“Crystals have all different types of metaphysical traits,” she says. “You can customize crystals to align with what you’re looking for.” For example, aventurine is known to enhance leadership qualities, so Hailey wore the stone during orientation week, in which she was an Orientation Leader, to get her through the hectic times. 

In the beginning, Hailey used her own crystals, but as her business grew, she began looking outside of her own collection. Now, Hailey purchases her materials from a bunch of different places, including Crystals on the Rocks, located in Nyack, New York.  In as little as 20 minutes, Hailey can turn the rocks she purchased, into beautiful crystal jewelry. 

Post-graduation, which is fast approaching in May 2017, Hailey plans to move to the West coast, Seattle, to expand her business. She hopes for Hailstone Handcrafted to grow, and move into international markets when she travels Europe.

Where to find Hailstone Handcrafted:

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