The Magic Man | An Extraordinary Show

by: Julia A. Morales

SUNY Purchase is well-known for its outstanding music program, one-of-a-kind dance program, their professional acting program, and their abundance of successful biology, psychology, economics and theatre majors. Arts Management is one program among over 50 majors and minors the liberal arts college has to offer. Students like Alejandro Torres, a 23-year-old senior arts management major, are taking full advantage of the business skills students acquire at Purchase.

Alejandro Torres

At age 7, Torres saw his first children’s magic show, where a simple balloon trick was performed. Little did he know, that simple trick, which Torres recently performed a variation of at his first ever full magic show, would change his life. At age 15, Alejandro decided he wanted to be a magician, upon coming across the works of the extraordinary illusionist, David Blaine. “The cool thing about living in 2016,” Torres says, “is that the internet has a lot if you know where to look for it.” Torres began to self-teach himself magic by purchasing books, observing other magicians, and attending “magic jams,” which are essentially jam sessions, but with magicians. He’s performed at kids shows, in restaurants, and most frequently, in the streets- sometimes earning generous tips, sometimes getting harassed by passerbys.

Torres is most famously known today for his bigger, more dangerous tricks, like fire eating. “It’s a calculated risk, but it’s still a risk,” he says about his two-act magic show, Extraordinary, which went up October 13th through the 15th of 2016. The “extraordinary” show included card tricks, a little help from the audience, and a heart-racing finale, which consisted of a staple gun to the eye. This terrifyingly brilliant performance was jam packed, with every seat in the theater filled, 3 nights in a row. With more to come, Alejandro’s fame on the Purchase College campus is bound to expand after this academic year.

Post-graduation, in May of 2017, Torres plans to make magic his full-time career. “Touring would be fun” as a young adult, though Torres says he’d like to settle down in one place with his own show eventually. You can keep up with Alejandro by following him on Twitter, and Instagram, linked below. He’ll be focusing on graduating now, but don’t stray away from this extraordinary “Magic Man.”

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