An Eye for an Eye | How to Grow Back Lashes After Mass Destruction

By: Sophia Hadeshian

Believe me, I love lashes just as much as the next beauty enthusiast. I was more than blessed with Armenian and Italian genes to have long, thick lashes, and I’m very thankful for that. Of course, I was also blessed with a unibrow at the age of 6, but that’s besides the point. Lashes complete every makeup look, whether they’re dramatic or natural, Vegas Nay or Ardell. Even though my lashes are long and thick, they’re also straight. So my eyelash curler is definitely one of my beauty essentials. I’m always in a crazy rush to leave my house, and I’m late to everything. I never get around to cleaning my eyelash curler much, and if I see it’s covered in mascara, I usually do the ol’ “let me use my tee-shirt as a wipe and my mom will clean it later.” After a while, it’s necessary to buy a new lash curler, but it’s hard to tell when. It’s not like you run out of it, so it’s naturally something we just don’t pay attention to. Well, I’m here to tell you firsthand, that it’s something we need to do.

One day while getting ready, my eyelash curler which was a few months old, ripped out and chopped off the top lashes on the inner part of my right eye. I wore fake lashes every day for 2 months. To avoid this trauma, you can buy a new curler and clean it when necessary. If you do pull a Sophia (I’m Sophia) and rip all of your precious eyelashes out, it’s not the end of the world!

After using the f-bomb more than I thought was humanly possible, I realized that cursing into an empty room wasn’t helping. So I sat my lash-less ass down and researched what I could do to grow them back  as fast as possible. After watching YouTube videos and even reading wikiHows, I found a few solutions that actually really worked. I used these tactics and now have eyelashes again, so if you’re like me and chopped off your lashes, or just want thicker, longer lashes, here are some inside tips on how:

    God handcrafted vaseline for all of our beauty needs. Not only is it great if you have chapped lips, it works wonders on lashes. Every night before I went to bed, and every morning after I woke up, I coated my lashes with vaseline. I took a small amount on my finger and applied it like I would apply mascara. This was the most effective when it came to length and fullness.
  2. Changing Your Makeup Remover
    I was always a strictly makeup wipe kind of gal until my little incident. Taking off your eye makeup with makeup wipes is probably the worst thing for your lashes, because as it removes the eye makeup and the mascara, it’s also pulling on your lashes, making them weaker and sometimes even pulling them out. I still take off my face makeup with wipes, but for my eye makeup I use Ponds, or any other cold cream. I use this with a tissue, and it’s a lot gentler on the eye, and avoids the fallout of lashes.
  3. Changing Your Mascara
    Waterproof mascara is great if you have oily skin or watery eyes, like myself, but it’s a lot harder to take off. So if you’re using waterproof mascara for no reason other than the bottle’s a different color and you think it looks cute, stick to regular mascara. It’s less of a struggle to remove.
  4. Getting a New Eyelash Curler & Cleaning It
    I said it before and I’ll say it again, getting a new eyelash curler is so important! The older it gets, the more of a chance you have of losing those precious eye lashes. Also, using a makeup wipe to remove the excess mascara helps. If there’s mascara left on the curler, it’s going to stick to your bare lashes and pull them out.
  5. Putting Your Mascara On After You Curl Your Lashes
    This is more of personal preference, but I find it really works. If you put your mascara on after you curl your lashes you can see how much mascara you actually need to keep them curled and looking their best. If you put on mascara before you curl them, and have straight lashes like mine, you can easily put too much on and then they’re all droopy and clumpy and look like spider legs. Yuck!


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