I Chose the Nerd Life

By: Latyese McArthur

Most people look at video games as a pool for “deadbeat” guys or “wannabe gamer girls”. There are plenty of misconceptions, but my history with video games is my whole life, future, friends, and family. Kevin McArthur, my big brother, was the gamer of the family. We had every console released besides Atari. I played Donkey Kong 64, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario World. You name it, I’ve most likely played it and my brother probably beat it. For my family, the Final Fantasy series has been one that sticks with us, Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) in particular, because everyone watched my brother go through the struggles of playing that game.

For classic games from the ‘90s or 2000s, having a multi-disc game is normal, especially for Final Fantasy, in which FFVII is a four-disc game. Talk about long! As you may be able to tell, I grew up closer to my brother than my other siblings, because we played video games and watched anime together during my childhood. Unfortunately, on June 14th 2006, he passed away due to a car accident. That day also happens to be my birthday. Outside of playing video games, I never really got to hang out with him since I was so young. He played the usual Super Smash Bros tournaments and he nearly won, so to have him leave so suddenly, hurt me for many years. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to really get on my own two feet and think about Kevin without getting upset. When I think about him I smile, laugh and feel prideful to have such a person like him watching over me.

Till this day, I still have his original saved video game files from PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2. Kingdom Hearts is the only game that we played both together and apart and we both beat it. I take pride in the “nerd culture” and in spreading the knowledge of it to those who may or may not know much about it. Not that I would try to force anyone to dabble into the realm, but it is always nice to see or hear of others who play video games, even if they think they aren’t that great at them. The memory I have of my brother doesn’t hinder me, but it empowers me to educate others and spread entertainment to make even one more person have a happy moment in their day.

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