Hemincuff | The Next Big Brand

By: Julia A. Morales

Noel Veloz is a 24-year-old entrepreneur, and the owner and creator of Hemincuff, a leather goods brand. A boy bred in the Bronx by Dominican immigrants, Noel was surrounded by creation, as his father sewed at home, and dabbled in leather goods himself. “The quality is always in the hem and cuff,” Noel’s father used to say. It was this saying, that also led to the creation of the brand, Hemincuff with partner Vadim Chinderjinschi. 

How did the boy from the Bronx become the man with the money to start his own business? Bottles and cans. Noel collected bottles and cans, and began to save up to finish what his father started. Not settling on penny dreams, he went for the gold, and saved up enough to work with leather. With bright colors, classic shapes, and functionality, Hemincuff is paving a path to success. 

Hemincuff, red duffle bag, blue bag, black backpack

The bold colors prove to be perfect for young professionals looking for a pop of color in the business world, while quality level duffle bags and backpacks make traveling a breeze.”Our design process draws ideas from our environment, by asking questions and observing what we can do to display a true reflection of our surrounding and interests.” Their value of freedom of expression is what makes the brand so fun and full of life. With this new brand on the rise, it’s time for people to make way for the next huge designer.

Where to find Hemincuff:
Instagram | @hemincuff
Facebook | facebook.com/hemincuff

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