Sexy Saxophone | A Newcomer to the Game

By: Julia A. Morales

Loughlan McLean, an 18-year-old economics major at SUNY Purchase, wowed Daily Moda Creators Julia Morales and Manfred Joa in his audition for the Daily Moda Showcase. Sporting a silver saxophone, the quiet young man played along to the tune of “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. His soulful playing took him all the way to the Daily Moda Talent Show, where he was voted as the best act by the audience. 

Loughlan McLean playing saxophone in bandLoughlan’s music career started very early on in the first grade, but it wasn’t playing the sax that got this musician started. The economics major started off on his road to success with the piano. In his middle school, piano wasn’t an option, so Loughlan switched over to playing the trumpet until his mom bought him his very own saxophone in the 8th grade. Although part of the same family of instruments, the two instruments are nothing alike. Therefore, Loughlan invested in some private lessons, teaching himself the rest of what he needed to know. 

As a senior in high school, Loughlan was playing his instrument all on his own, and found his passion in hip hop and R&B. His famous silver sax was awarded to him in his senior year of high school through the Grammy Foundation, and with it, Loughlan plans to audition for SUNY Purchase’s Jazz Performance program in December of 2016. His main goal is to record albums. “I never want to stop playing,” the Daily Moda Talent Show winner says.

loughlan mclean playing saxophoneAlthough the fairly new musician seems comfortable performing, suggesting many performances prior to attending Purchase College, the musician says that “Café con Leche was the first time people really saw me [perform].” Café con Leche is a wildly successful annual spoken word and music showcase hosted by the college’s Latin group, Latinos Unidos. The event sports musicians, poets, and writers, as well as finger foods, and the traditional tres leches cake. “My first work of music that I’m going to bring to life is a ballad for my late grandmother,” Loughlin told Daily Moda. Loughlin says that since his grandmother’s passing in the spring of his junior year of high school, he’s been hearing music, “so that’s her song.”

Loughlan wants to give a big thank you to Natalie Black, Jaylen Petinaud, and David McBarnett. “We [Loughlin and Natalie] were just going to put on an instrumental with background vocals,” but Natalie helped Loughlin put together a live band. “They got out of bed at 1:30am and rehearsed until like 4am, and I couldn’t have won without them.” Keep your eye on this talented musician as he makes his way through through the music industry. 

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