January 20, 2017 | From USA to “Trumpland”

By: Elizabeth Colombini

So we are quickly approaching the final stretch of the most publicized train wreck known to man as we witness the new president elect bulldoze his way into the White House (soon to be known as Trump White House and Casino). So far he has given us a glimpse of what the next four years are probably going to look like. His petty, childish, unfiltered opinions typed out in 140 characters at 3:00 a.m. for all the world to see is not what I would call Presidential-esque. But by now, many have witnessed Mr. Trump’s very unqualified skills as leader of this country.  

If you haven’t or don’t really pay attention to who is going to be running our already great country come January 20th, here’s one example of his idiocy (with many more examples to come I’m sure): Mr. Trump chose Scott Pruitt to run the Environmental Protective Agency, the very same agency Mr. Pruitt advocated against. Mr. Pruitt is an avid climate change denierworking against green organizations, and pushing forth his devastating fossil fuel energy agenda rather than implementing a clean alternative energy. The EPA, an agency that is supposed to protect the environment, will be led by a man who doesn’t believe that the poor neglectful decisions made by humans are, in fact, affecting the trajectory of this planet’s doomed climate in any way. Really? How backwards is that?

Donald Trump

Mr. Trump is off to a great start. The little respect this country has desperately held onto diminished as soon as Mr. Trump was chosen. We went from being a revered superpower, to being branded as the joke of the world. January 20th will be one of the oddest and saddest days in US history. A man with little experience in politics and foreign affairs, who is only interested in the size of his hands and shiny things, will be leader of the free world (I’m hoping it stays free). Many of us will lay in a fetal position for most of that day; cursing the heavens, crying inconsolably, and fearing the unknown. And where will I be on that memorable day? While the epicenter of Armageddon initiates in Washington D.C., I will be far away on a sandy beach with my Wi-Fi disconnected, a drink in one hand, book in the other, and holding on to the last bit of sanity I have until I make the tragic trip back into the reality that will be Trumpland. I can’t think of a better way to spend the inauguration of a moronic president who sides with the likes of people like Putin, than by taking in the infinite beauty of an island untouched by the Trumps. Hopefully January 21st will be a better day than the 20th.

Obama's staff after Trump won the election
(Pictured above: Obama’s staff after the 2016 Presidential election)

Maybe there is still hope. But if Armageddon does commence, I won’t mind living my final days in paradise.

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