My Body, My Choice

By: Nia Alavezos

I’ve donated to Planned Parenthood every month since the election. I will continue to donate money once a month for the next four years, and if I have to, the next eight. On the night of November 8th, a fire ignited in my soul through the tears and the anger; I was prepared to fight for my fellow women. I was prepared to fight for my fellow Americans. I was prepared to fight for the future of this country. Continue reading “My Body, My Choice”

My Love Affair With Solitude

By: Nia Alavezos

I love my solitude. In fact, I enjoy it way more than I should. I yearn for those moments alone while I’m stuck in traffic so I can get a few extra minutes with my thoughts before jumping head first into the workday. I always find myself cancelling plans with friends because the thought of giving up my precious alone time on the weekends sends shivers through my soul. Am I weird? Is there some unrooted problem that needs to be investigated because I love being alone so much? Should I go see a shrink? Probably, I’m almost 99.9% sure. I might even be crazy. But do I care? Absolutely not. Continue reading “My Love Affair With Solitude”

January 20, 2017 | From USA to “Trumpland”

By: Elizabeth Colombini

So we are quickly approaching the final stretch of the most publicized train wreck known to man as we witness the new president elect bulldoze his way into the White House (soon to be known as Trump White House and Casino). So far he has given us a glimpse of what the next four years are probably going to look like. His petty, childish, unfiltered opinions typed out in 140 characters at 3:00 a.m. for all the world to see is not what I would call Presidential-esque. But by now, many have witnessed Mr. Trump’s very unqualified skills as leader of this country.   Continue reading “January 20, 2017 | From USA to “Trumpland””

Why I Have Literally One Friend

By: Bryanna Nieves

Throughout high school, I was what you could politely call an introvert. I thought I had some friends, but looking back now they were what I consider these days as just acquaintances. My record of zero boyfriends didn’t change until I was sixteen, irrelevant middle school relationships included. And to top it all off, I moved from Queens, New York to Carmel, New York during November of my sophomore year of high school. It, as my fifteen year old self would put it, blew. Continue reading “Why I Have Literally One Friend”

Dear Brown Girls | You Are Magical

By: Simone Ritchie

Do not panic when you show up to your first day of school and no one looks like you. You will be swallowed up in the sea of light hair and fair skin and be lost in a crowd of people that look like Disney princesses. You will take honors courses and become a part of the handful of fellow dark-skinned students who “don’t belong.” One day, you will take a non-honors course with one of your white friends. On the first day of class, he’ll turn to you and say, “We’re the only white people in this class.” You’ll laugh because this obviously isn’t true, but you won’t say anything because deep down, this anchors you, no matter how hard you try to fight it. Continue reading “Dear Brown Girls | You Are Magical”

Thanksgiving Day | Recipes to Try

By: Julia A. Morales

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays. We cook and eat with family and friends; everyone we love. What’s Thanksgiving without a mean feast? Here are some recipes to try out for your Thanksgiving day celebrations.  Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day | Recipes to Try”

Dungeons and DRAGons | A Transformation of Oneself

By: Manfred Joa

It never takes long for new students to learn about the enormous drag culture that exists at SUNY Purchase. Chase Andrzejewski, a junior Studio Composition major and Reid Kirtley, a junior Playwriting & Screenwriting major, look like the typical artsy students you find among the Purchase community; it’s pretty self-explanatory by their majors alone. However, on dragtastical nights like Fall Ball and Zombie Prom, you can find them completely transformed into Naomi Applebottom and Lindsay Blowhan.

Continue reading “Dungeons and DRAGons | A Transformation of Oneself”

You’re a Gem | Hailstone Handcrafted

by: Julia A. Morales

Hailey Marino, 21, started her career at SUNY Purchase as a sociology and gender studies double major. In high school, her interest in the fine arts grew, along with her spiritual side, sparking an interest in healing crystals. In March of 2015, Hailey started crafting handmade jewelry using pieces she’d collected as part of a stone and crystal collecting hobby of hers. “I found an intersection between art and spirituality,” she says. Hailey became interested in crystals, and due to connection with her spiritual side, she decided to make a business out of it.  Continue reading “You’re a Gem | Hailstone Handcrafted”