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Julia Morales is a 21-year-old Arts Management major at Purchase College. As a little girl, Julia loved the arts. She put on shows in her living room and eventually put on musicals with her middle school and high school, along with her local theatre school. After attending Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Julia explored filmmaking and photography on her own, soon receiving her first DSLR as a graduation gift. While in college, Julia has made it her mission to sing often, joining SUNY Purchase’s a cappella group, Choral Pleasure. She also started her own fashion and beauty blog called Don’t Change the Chanel. Upon the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the controversial Presidential election, Julia decided to partner up with Manfred to create a fashion magazine devoted to diversity within the magazine industry, and thus, Daily Moda was born, from the Spanish word “moda,” meaning “fashion.” With graduation on the way this May, Julia hopes to be working in the fashion industry as a stylist and creative director.

Manfred Joa
 is a 21-year-old Arts Management major at Purchase College. Manfred gained an enthusiasm for the arts starting junior year of high school when he participated in the school’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie as a lead character, Bun Foo. Ever since then, Manfred has dabbled in musical theatre and acted in shows. He took his first dance class ever (Hip-Hop) at Purchase and ever since then, has fallen in love with dance. Manfred has taken pretty much every single dance class offered to non-dance major students and joined SUNY Purchase’s hip hop dance team, Sabotage. Due to his increased passion in advocating for diversity, especially in the arts, Manfred decided to team up with Julia to create an online magazine dedicated to normalizing diversity and increasing representation. Manfred identifies with a childhood void of representation and hopes that Daily Moda can be something many other people can identify with. Post-graduation this coming May, Manfred wants to see himself working/dancing in the dance world.

The two seniors hope for Daily Moda to continue beyond their senior year, and become a permanent publication. Manfred and Julia want to continue representing a multitude of colors, cultures, and personalities within the fashion and lifestyle magazine world. They hope this kind of magazine will one day make it to the shelves of newsstands and stores across the globe.

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