Hemincuff | The Next Big Brand

By: Julia A. Morales

Noel Veloz is a 24-year-old entrepreneur, and the owner and creator of Hemincuff, a leather goods brand. A boy bred in the Bronx by Dominican immigrants, Noel was surrounded by creation, as his father sewed at home, and dabbled in leather goods himself. “The quality is always in the hem and cuff,” Noel’s father used to say. It was this saying, that also led to the creation of the brand, Hemincuff with partner Vadim Chinderjinschi.  Continue reading “Hemincuff | The Next Big Brand”

Take Care of Your Mind, Body and Spirit | Some Self-Care Tips

By: Lauren Wallen

It’s 2016 and we are more stressed out than ever. Whether it’s school or work, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with projects and assignments. A lot of the time we end up cutting out things like sleep, meals, exercise, and socialization to try and catch up on work; basically our self-care goes down the tubes and actually makes us more stressed out. It’s important to learn how to balance hard work with some self-care methods to help us regroup and reset.

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Soul Searching | Dianna Lopez

by: Manfred Joa

She’s a Theatre & Performance major. Back then, most people knew her as the beautiful girl whose outfits were always on point. Little did anyone know that, by senior year, she would be on the road to stardom with the release of her first EP, “Soul Searching.”

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15 Songs To Get You Ready To Slay Everything

By: Ahtiya Liles

We all have moments when we’re feeling down and out, like the whole world is against us. Wallow in those moments for like ten minutes (or twenty-four hours if you’re feeling really extra), but then crank up the tunes and strut down the runway of life like it’s nobody’s business. Need some motivation? Here are fifteen songs that will help you slay everything.
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The Magic Man | An Extraordinary Show

by: Julia A. Morales

SUNY Purchase is well-known for its outstanding music program, one-of-a-kind dance program, their professional acting program, and their abundance of successful biology, psychology, economics and theatre majors. Arts Management is one program among over 50 majors and minors the liberal arts college has to offer. Students like Alejandro Torres, a 23-year-old senior arts management major, are taking full advantage of the business skills students acquire at Purchase.

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Let’s Talk about “The Talk”

By: Sophia Hadeshian

The birds and the bees. A conversation we dodge from our parents, pretty much all our lives. Imagine sitting down with Mom and Dad over family dinner, talking about who you’re dating these days, and the discussion then takes a lovely turn to which Dad starts describing what is what and what goes where. Now your appetite is ruined, your little brother can’t stop laughing, and, even though you’re 18, your mom still hits his arm and tells him it’s inappropriate to talk to the kids that way.

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