Dear Brown Girls | You Are Magical

By: Simone Ritchie

Do not panic when you show up to your first day of school and no one looks like you. You will be swallowed up in the sea of light hair and fair skin and be lost in a crowd of people that look like Disney princesses. You will take honors courses and become a part of the handful of fellow dark-skinned students who “don’t belong.” One day, you will take a non-honors course with one of your white friends. On the first day of class, he’ll turn to you and say, “We’re the only white people in this class.” You’ll laugh because this obviously isn’t true, but you won’t say anything because deep down, this anchors you, no matter how hard you try to fight it. Continue reading “Dear Brown Girls | You Are Magical”

An Eye for an Eye | How to Grow Back Lashes After Mass Destruction

By: Sophia Hadeshian

Believe me, I love lashes just as much as the next beauty enthusiast. I was more than blessed with Armenian and Italian genes to have long, thick lashes, and I’m very thankful for that. Of course, I was also blessed with a unibrow at the age of 6, but that’s besides the point. Lashes complete every makeup look, whether they’re dramatic or natural, Vegas Nay or Ardell. Even though my lashes are long and thick, they’re also straight. So my eyelash curler is definitely one of my beauty essentials. I’m always in a crazy rush to leave my house, and I’m late to everything. I never get around to cleaning my eyelash curler much, and if I see it’s covered in mascara, I usually do the ol’ “let me use my tee-shirt as a wipe and my mom will clean it later.” After a while, it’s necessary to buy a new lash curler, but it’s hard to tell when. It’s not like you run out of it, so it’s naturally something we just don’t pay attention to. Well, I’m here to tell you firsthand, that it’s something we need to do.

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