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By: Gerri Ferreyra

Thinking back to the beginning, and looking at how far I have come is overwhelming. It reminds me of how no dream is too big and no hobby is too silly.

My Youtube channel was created in 2014, and I’ve been making videos inconsistently until  about six months ago. My channel was my outlet; it was extremely personal and nothing that I wanted to share. I was bullied when I was younger for many different things, but the infamous phrase I heard the most  was “anorexic.” I was force fed pudding at lunch and thrown around just so they could prove how petite I was. After I moved schools I discovered how amazing high school was. I wanted to create videos to share my experiences and assist people who were going through similar hardships. Although my previous experiences left me insecure about myself, I found that I could still express myself through fashion.

Gerri Ferreyra YouTube, Gerri1016
My love for fashion grew quickly and inevitably while the content I was creating changed. To me, fashion is not about wearing the most expensive brands, but about being comfortable with who you are. I wanted to express sense of comfortability to those who found or still find it difficult to be themselves because they were told what they should wear. I’ve learned that once you are confident in yourself that no one can bring you down. As my own confidence grew, my channel followed. I started getting sponsorships from brands such as Smile Brilliant, Scentbird, BodyBlendz and more. A company called Fandemic gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, to create my own beauty line which I happily accepted. The campaign was a success and the box was named after my beloved pup who passed away a month prior, KillerBeauty. People love feeling passion, so as long as you genuinely believe in what you are practicing someone will listen. YouTubers commonly make the mistake, where they have high expectations for views and profits soon after their first videos. People can see through these falsities. Always remember, people invest in the “why” because if you truly believe in what you are doing, they will too.

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