Holiday DIY Project | Wreath Chandelier

By: Manfred Joa

Can you believe it? The Holiday season has long since begun to take full form and we’re only two weeks deep into December! If you know either Julia or I, you’ll know that Julia’s already enormous obsession with Target pales in comparison to my indestructible love for Michaels. You’ll also know that I am a huge sucker for DIY projects and spend a lot of my free time knitting and crafting in general. What better way to bundle up for the Holiday season than to play with glitter and create DIY projects!  Continue reading “Holiday DIY Project | Wreath Chandelier”

Thanksgiving Day | Recipes to Try

By: Julia A. Morales

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays. We cook and eat with family and friends; everyone we love. What’s Thanksgiving without a mean feast? Here are some recipes to try out for your Thanksgiving day celebrations.  Continue reading “Thanksgiving Day | Recipes to Try”