My Love Affair With Solitude

By: Nia Alavezos

I love my solitude. In fact, I enjoy it way more than I should. I yearn for those moments alone while I’m stuck in traffic so I can get a few extra minutes with my thoughts before jumping head first into the workday. I always find myself cancelling plans with friends because the thought of giving up my precious alone time on the weekends sends shivers through my soul. Am I weird? Is there some unrooted problem that needs to be investigated because I love being alone so much? Should I go see a shrink? Probably, I’m almost 99.9% sure. I might even be crazy. But do I care? Absolutely not. Continue reading “My Love Affair With Solitude”

Why I Have Literally One Friend

By: Bryanna Nieves

Throughout high school, I was what you could politely call an introvert. I thought I had some friends, but looking back now they were what I consider these days as just acquaintances. My record of zero boyfriends didn’t change until I was sixteen, irrelevant middle school relationships included. And to top it all off, I moved from Queens, New York to Carmel, New York during November of my sophomore year of high school. It, as my fifteen year old self would put it, blew. Continue reading “Why I Have Literally One Friend”

Peace of Mind

By: Natalie Rodriguez


“He takes all my energy. Trapped in my memory.” It’s okay if things don’t work out. It’s okay to delete those messages that show a thread of 6000. To delete those “goodnight baby” and “wake up sweetheart” texts. To erase the words he once told you; the pretty pictures of the future he painted. The emotions he once brought you. Leave it? Walk away? Stay?

Continue reading “Peace of Mind”